How to get a #googlewaveinvite

I was surprised to see so many blogs, websites and tweets about people desperately looking for Google wave invites. Getting a Google Wave account is almost starting to be some sort of status symbol for internet users. [Read more…]

short url redirection

I have been needing to shorten my URL’s quite a bit lately, while at the same time keep track of how many clicks they get with some sort of statistics. I previously wrote a post about a website called (Hiding and tracking affiliate links), which has since stopped offering this very service, and think I need to just update you on what I am using now as my alternative. [Read more…]

What the hell is twitter all about?

The micro-blogging website has taken off in a big way over the last year. At first glance the potential and sheer power of this gem of a website website is deceptively well hidden in its simplistic interface. The twitter website asks the following question to the visitor “what are you doing”, and allows for you to type a response into a 140 character limited text field. [Read more…]