Commenting on blogs to get traffic to your website

Getting traffic from other blogs is a great way to get targetted traffic to your site. By visiting blogs that are directly related to your website, your products, or a community of people who would be interested in what you have to say, you can get the right type of visitors to your website. I would suggest joining a blogging community website like MyBlogLog, I wrote an article about it called using mybloglog to get traffic, ‘MyBlogLog for networking and blog traffic‘ which will explain more on that.

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MyBlogLog for networking and blog traffic

MyBlogLog is a really nice site, and pretty useful when you have a blog. On your profile page you can list the addresses of your profile pages on other social networking websites such as and, as well as some personal information, birth date, location in the world, etc. Your profile page will also display the avatars of recent viewers of your profile on MyBlogLog , any messages they have sent you, and also list members who are fans of your blog/s. If you have correctly installed your widget to your blog, your profile will also display recent MyBlogLog members who visited your website. By selling yourself effectively in your profile, members may be inspired to visit your blog, become a fan, leave a message, add you as a contact, or join your community, depending of course on what they read about you in your profile. [Read more…]