Beware instant Google

I am sure you have had a million spam emails promising instant page 1 rankings on Google, they never seem to give up, and I am sure many people fall for these scam artists daily.

One interesting company I have encountered even calls you  by telephone to persuade you to take their Instant Google plan for a fixed monthly fee, which sounds amazing.  I had the displeasure of talking to one of their very pushy agents with a UK accent, who tried to strong arm me into taking their ‘plan’ (which sounded really dodgy), I decided to play along to find out how they operate…. [Read more…]

Embedded match on Google Adwords

With your adwords campaign its possible to get excellent results when using proper keyword matching. Google offer the options of Broad Match, Phrase Match, Exact Match and Negative Match when setting up your key words and phrases for your online advertising campaign. By effectively using these features, its possible to create what is referred to as an Embedded Match.

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