Super Easy Free website and instructions for making money online

Hey guys,

I have been trying to make a bit of money online for a while now, and am thrilled with this new website that allows you to instantly install a blog, ready for monetization, and has over 1000 templates to choose from!

This is a dream come true for people who dont have much experience with earning money online.

I thought I would share the info, obviously if you are a Pro, then you may prefer to do things the way you know how, but for newbies, this makes it so unbelievably easy to setup a website and start earning immediately, dont forget its free too! [Read more…]

The new facebook has arrived

I have been trying out all the new features on the New Facebook interface that has just been launched. I have to say I am pretty impressed, for me its not going to take much time to get used to the whole new layout, its clean, crisp and user friendly. In fact, after 10 minutes of using it, I am already feeling ‘at home’ with the new layout. [Read more…]

I got Filsaime’s 7 Figure Secrets for Free

Hey, so I caved and decided to get the 7 Figure Secrets program by Mike Filsaime, on the subtle suggestion from Ed Dale, that it is a pretty idea. I read the usual marketing pitch, and, dare I say it, was actually sold! [Read more…]

Free $100 PPC targeted Facebook advertising from VISA

Normally I hate all these invitations to applications that I get sent on, but this morning I was surprised to see a cool application, that can be used to grow your business, and the bonus is that they actually give you $100 free advertising credit for you business on Facebook.

There is NO obligation to buy anything, put down a deposit, or anything, its great!

[Read more…]

Flock is the best web browser right now

I have been using flock for a little while now, and am pretty impressed to say the least. In fact, I urge you to give it a test run. Visit to download it for FREE right now!

Firefox is a browser that I really really like, its fast, easy to use and the amount of great extensions available is insane! The main reason I originally stopped using the very crappy Internet Explorer, is because of the way it rendered CSS in websites I was working on. Basically it did, and in some instances STILL displays the CSS incorrectly, making your well designed websites look crappy! This is NOT a problem with real browsers like Firefox and Flock.

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How to update multiple social networking profiles in one easy step

Hey guys,

I have discovered a great little site called, its really cool for updating many of your social networks with one posting!

Check out the website, it is still in Beta phase, if you need to sign in with a Beta code, you can use “landofping” as your code, which will allow you to complete the signup process. [Read more…]

Hiding and tracking affiliate links

Hey people, I was making affiliate links this morning, checking stats, and though this would be good to share with you!

What I am talking about is a lovely site called ClickAudit which I use all the time. I haven’t really researched online for other similar sites, as ClickAudit has been great and met all my needs, but if you have any suggestions…..NEW UPDATE! Please read the bottom of this post about ClickAudit.

What ClickAudit does, is offer a service where you can shorten (or disguise) your url, just like Tiny Url. So basically instead of letting everyone know your link is an affiliate link, they only see the new streamlined ClickAudit link. Where Click Audit shines brighter than Tiny Url, is that you can login, and keep track of your links, with detailed statistics. [Read more…]

30 Minute Backlinks

Just got my email from Michelle MacPhearson about her “30 Minute Backlinks” program that has just been launched!

What is “30 Minute Backlinks” I hear you say, well…according to Michelle…..

30 Minute Backlinks is a set of video tutorials thoroughly explaining a previously unpublished method of getting hundreds of one way links to your site.

It shows, in step-by-step follow along detail, the 30 minute process of creating software and adding that software to online

software directories (some as high as 5, 6 and 7 PR). Those software directories will link back to your site. Everyone is happy – the software directories get additional listings to fill out their archives, and you get valuable backlinks. [Read more…]

Marketing tricks to increase sales conversions on your website

One of the most effective ways to convert a customer is to focus on their emotions. Emotional decisions tend to override logical decision making from time to time. You want to tap into that to increase your sales.

Supermarkets do it all the time, and the big companies employ teams of researchers to study human behavior and how to increase sales through ‘mind tricks’. [Read more…]

Why your website might never be first on google msn or yahoo

Some websites really have a tough time getting ranked well on Google / Yahoo / MSN, most of the time its because they are not specific in choosing what keywords they want to be number one for, and then optimizing their site and pages accordingly. Well thats the way I see it anyway.

From my experience, I feel each page on a site can and should be optimized for a specific and different target key-phrase, in order to cover a wide range of related key words and phrases. A big mistake that people tend to make is that they concentrate on only optimizing their home page, and also try to cover ever conceivable keyword combination. Unfortunately the website usually then has a problem ranking well for any of the keywords, and doesn’t get much search engine traffic. [Read more…]