All about me

Hi, my name is Francois Harris, and I am a web designer, developer, marketer, etc, basically an ‘all purpose web guy’. I am originally from Zimbabwe, but settled in Cape Town- South Africa with my parents many years ago. I now live and work in Cape Town, the ‘mother city’, which I really love and will hopefully never leave.

I have been obsessed with the internet since 1995, when I got my first internet access, which was a 14400 modem. Since then, I have done a couple of courses, taught myself a few things, and have been working professionally since 2001. In 2006 I decided to stop working for other people, and become my own boss, which is what I am still doing today.

I have a web partner in this business, so there are two of us in our small company, our focus is on making webistes WORK for people. We mainly have small SMME clients, but we have a few ‘biggies’ too, so we have a variety of happy clients.

I have been toying with the idea of my own blog for a while, and to be honest have not had the time to create one. So now I hope to make the time, and use my blog to promote myself, and generate even more business for the company.

You can find my profile online at a few websites listed below:

Please feel free to add me as a friend or contact. I can be reached by email on and mobile by +27 82 352 1191

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