Hiding and tracking affiliate links

Hey people, I was making affiliate links this morning, checking stats, and though this would be good to share with you!

What I am talking about is a lovely site called ClickAudit which I use all the time. I haven’t really researched online for other similar sites, as ClickAudit has been great and met all my needs, but if you have any suggestions…..NEW UPDATE! Please read the bottom of this post about ClickAudit.

What ClickAudit does, is offer a service where you can shorten (or disguise) your url, just like Tiny Url. So basically instead of letting everyone know your link is an affiliate link, they only see the new streamlined ClickAudit link. Where Click Audit shines brighter than Tiny Url, is that you can login, and keep track of your links, with detailed statistics.

As a free member, you can add up to 10 links, which can be put under different categories. Each time one of your links is clicked, Click Audit will track it, the graphs and stats are almost instant.

“With your FREE ClickAudit Link Tracker account, you will be able to create and track up to 10 links with a maximum of 10,000 clicks per month.

If you exceed 10,000 hits, your links will still be redirected but they will not be counted in your statistics.”

In your admin panel, you are able to see how many clicks a specific link has got, as well as how many were unique. You are also able to easily reset the clicks back to zero, edit the link or delete it.

The Edit function for the link is great, because if you have plastered the web with your Click Audit link, and you suddenly decide to change to a different affiliate, or to a different destination, you are able to simply edit the destination of that particular Click Audit url in the admin area, and it works instantly.

Add the same url a couple of times, to get multiple ClickAudit links to the same location for use on your website, newsletter, blog etc., now you are able to see which areas of your marketing campaign are getting the most clicks, and therefore which is giving a better ROI.

How about downloads? Put the url for your download into ClickAudit, and track how many people download a particular file. I have even used it to track banner impressions, as well as clicks, on websites that don’t have a banner management system.

I really like the service ClickAudit offers, and highly recommend them. I will leave you with the list of points from their website:

  • Track your clicks in real time
  • Easy to use ad tracker
  • Shorten and track your long, ugly affiliate links
  • Protect your affiliate commissions from being “by-passed”
  • Dynamically edit your links
  • Change outdated affiliate links and ads dynamically
  • Use it for URL redirection>
  • Track how many times your eBooks, files, or reports have been downloaded
  • Track the number of clicks on links on your site
  • Track clicks on banners
  • Track clicks on text links in your emails, newsletter or ezine
  • Track all your ads and affiliate links
  • Track links to external sites and services
  • Track clicks on your links from newsletters and external web sites
  • Track which links are performing the best including cost per click
  • Save time, money and effort by identifying the best performing ads and links
  • 24/7 online reporting in real time
  • Quickly see how well all your marketing campaigns are performing

So take the hassle out of tracking your links, use http://www.clickaudit.com, like me! :)


Click Audit closed, and is no longer offering its services. This has forced people like me who used them to look elsewhere. I have found a GREAT site called Trim, (http://tr.im) which is able to offer the same services, in a more easy to manage way. Check them out!

  • http://maria-ozawa-blog.blogspot.com Maria Ozawa

    Well there are softwares that “stripped” URLs of their affiliate links. Also, it is quite easy to know if you were linked through an aff right after going to the URL.

  • http://blog.sa-nethost.com Francois

    Yep, that is true, but if you do know once you get there, at least the owner of the affiliate link gets the credit if you become a customer. By using a site like ClickAudit, you can at least track how many times that particular link has been clicked, and how successful that campaign is.

  • http://solarshingles.blogspot.com/ curt

    Thanks Francois,
    very detailed and very useful explanation! I thought, there was just Tiny url

  • http://RadioTelephoneTutor.com FCC GROL

    Interesting. Sounds useful for kepping track of what’s happening on your website.

    I myself have used tinyurl for redirection.

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    Hey I just came across you today! Great information and content. I’m going to try somethings out and see how they work first. Then I’ll share them with my Marketing Team at 40dollarsystem. Thanks

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    I really like the way Craig Haywood does this at MyViralSurfer, where the link looks like an English sentence, for example:

    It looks like something you want to click on, doesn’t look like a tracking link!

  • http://www.backlink-builder.com/craigslist-verified-accounts Eric

    Click audit seems like they have a lot to offer. Knowing where your visitors are coming from is really big test track test track.


  • http://blog.sa-nethost.com Francois

    Just a heads up, Click Audit is no more :(
    I would love suggestions on other similar types of sites if anyone has a favorite.

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    Click audit seems like they have a lot to offer. Knowing where your visitors are coming from is really big test track test track.


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    Great content. I’m looking forward to more of it. If you’re in need of any tips to hide your affiliate link or help with your affiliate marketing efforts it’s all on my blog. Thanks for the post :D

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    Well there are softwares that “stripped” URLs of their affiliate links. Also, it is quite easy to know if you were linked through an aff right after going to the URL.

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  • Raymond Cowie

    That's all well and good, but ClickAudit has ceased trading my friend!

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    You must see the end of the post Raymond, the part that says ClickAudit has stopped, and we should check out http://tr.im instead.

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