30 Minute Backlinks

Just got my email from Michelle MacPhearson about her “30 Minute Backlinks” program that has just been launched!

What is “30 Minute Backlinks” I hear you say, well…according to Michelle…..

30 Minute Backlinks is a set of video tutorials thoroughly explaining a previously unpublished method of getting hundreds of one way links to your site.

It shows, in step-by-step follow along detail, the 30 minute process of creating software and adding that software to online

software directories (some as high as 5, 6 and 7 PR). Those software directories will link back to your site. Everyone is happy – the software directories get additional listings to fill out their archives, and you get valuable backlinks.

You’ll learn how to submit your software to the directories in a way that literally forces them to link to you with your keywords and grows your site’s search engine rank for the keywords you are targeting.

You can create as many pieces of software as you wish and, in that way, compound your results. Each new software you create and submit will take about 30 minutes to make and submit for links.

You have creative control over the software you create and can ensure it’s up to your standards You will make software you’re proud to put your name on.

Every resource is point-and-click, fill out a form simple. You do not need coding, programming or other technical experience.

The “30 Minute Backlinks” Link Building Blueprint Is So Brain Dead Simple A Trained Racoon Could Do It!”

Now I dont know about you, but I really like everything I read on Michelles Blog, and what I have received from her already is like gold. She really knows her stuff, and I encourage any web marketing people to subscribe to her feed.

More of Michelle’s awesome handiwork can be found on Social Media Daily, which is another goldmine for Social Networking ideas and information. Become a member, and get a free PDF file with excellent tips and advice.

Now what is even more cool about “30 Minute Backlinks“, is that you can make actually also make some money selling this product to your customers! Yep, there is an affiliate option, where you can make some dosh selling the program yourself.

I just got my email this morning from Michelle, which went like this:

“Hey Francois!

The Clickbank Gods shined on us!

They’ve approved 30 minute Backlinks at it’s $100 purchase price! What’s the mean for you? 50% commission (that’s $50/sale, whichever way you slice it).


1. This is a brand new product. It’s only been released to my personal customer list (and converted at 9.7%!) – which is cool, the market isn’t totally saturated.

2. There is going to be some *NOISE* about it next month. For this reason, I really do suggest that, if you’re going to promote it, you do so now. You’ll look like you’re ahead of the curve when everyone jumps on the bandwagon. :-)


Your affiliate link: [url]http://CLICKBANKNAME.30minlinks.hop.clickbank.net[/url]
(Replace Clickbank name with your Clickbank user name)

It’s an easy sell for internet & niche marketers since it helps them rank for their keywords – and everyone wants higher Google rank.

Throw up a blog post & email your list to get in on this before word gets out!


Michelle MacPhearson
30 Minute Backlinks

Now if you also want to make some money off this product, I suggest you go down and register at Clickbank asap!
I think this is going to be a great way to make money online, as well as an excellent product to use for getting links to your own website too.

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