Commenting on blogs to get traffic to your website

Getting traffic from other blogs is a great way to get targetted traffic to your site. By visiting blogs that are directly related to your website, your products, or a community of people who would be interested in what you have to say, you can get the right type of visitors to your website. I would suggest joining a blogging community website like MyBlogLog, I wrote an article about it called using mybloglog to get traffic, ‘MyBlogLog for networking and blog traffic‘ which will explain more on that.

At most blogs there is a facility to post a comment to an article. The idea is to try and get your comment in first or as close to the top of the comments as possible. This is where it will get the most exposure, so it makes sense. Interesting and informative comments can be used to lure visitors from that blog to your own. The best way is to post a great comment that either adds to the post in more detail, or gets the reader visited in finding out more about what you have to say on the matter. If you are lucky, you can even get some comments going back and forth between yourself, the administrators, and even some other comment posters. Sometimes a controvercial posting also gets things going, but should only be used in a positive way, you want the admins to approve your comments, not delete them. I quickly just want to reference another post of mine about harnesing the power google alerts to get web traffic, there are some ideas in there that can also give you some ideas with blogs.

If you have some interesting articles and need a traffic boost, find some really popular blogs that have the same type of subject matter, or are targeting the same web audience, and post comments to their articles. You should focus on a few sites that are well known, and have high readership, with the idea of becoming a regular commenter on all their articles. Many blogs have a listing of the visitors who make the most comments, this is used to give credit to those who read and comment on the articles regularly, and this is where you want to be listed. Getting a link to your blog listed as a regular contributor on a popular blog targeting the same web audience, means loads of excellent traffic, especially if the site also has a high page rank and is placed well in google.

Lots of blogs also allow do-follow links from their sites, while some only offer do-follow to comment posters who have made more than a pre-determined amount of posts, eg 10 comments. So by posting regularly, you can get do-follow links working to your website, on a blog that does not support it for once off commenters. Sometimes the bigger, more popular and higher ranked blogs that have either the limit for do-follow links, if they support it at all.

Use RSS feeds to keep updated with the articles posted on your target ‘commenting’ blogs, eg, the ones you are going to focus your commenting on. By using website like, you can easily subscribe to the RSS feed of each of the websites, and easily keep track of new articles and information they post. By using bloglines you can keep updated with all the latest industry news and information on the subject, this will come in handy when you post your comments.

Because your own blog is similar in subject, you presumably are also interested in, and therefore have some knowledge about the subject matter, combined with information sourced through your feeds on bloglines, you should have no problem commenting on the articles with some sort of authority. You will also benefit a loads from reading all the articles on the related blogs, and should soon become an expert in your own rite.

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  • christianC

    Wow.. You write some really good posts.. this site is now bookmarked.. Thanks

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