MyBlogLog for networking and blog traffic

MyBlogLog is a really nice site, and pretty useful when you have a blog. On your profile page you can list the addresses of your profile pages on other social networking websites such as and, as well as some personal information, birth date, location in the world, etc. Your profile page will also display the avatars of recent viewers of your profile on MyBlogLog , any messages they have sent you, and also list members who are fans of your blog/s. If you have correctly installed your widget to your blog, your profile will also display recent MyBlogLog members who visited your website. By selling yourself effectively in your profile, members may be inspired to visit your blog, become a fan, leave a message, add you as a contact, or join your community, depending of course on what they read about you in your profile.

By visiting the profile pages of MyBlogLog members, you can increase traffic to your own blog, as well as make a few good contacts and friends at the same time! One way is to add members as contacts if they have similar type blogs or interests to you. That member will see they have been added as a contact, and will visit your profile to see who exactly you are, and possibly your blog. By strategically adding members as contacts, who are well known, or have popular blogs, you can get offspin traffic from members visiting their profile page, who see your avatar as a recent visitor, or in the messages area. This is a common ‘trick’, and there is a restriction on the amount of contacts you can add in one day, which is 15, so by choosing 15 good contacts a day, leaving a message on their profile page, and visiting their blogs, it is possible to get some nice offspin traffic.

Browse or search through MyBlogLog, and join a couple of interesting communities that are similar to your own blogging interests. On the profile page of the community, your avatar will be displayed as a recently joined member. Your avatar is what other members of the community will click to see your profile, and possibly then click through to read your blog. You can also leave an inspiring message, and even your url on the community page, or the profile page of another member. It is surprising how many visitors you can get just by leaving a positive, good message, on a members profile page. The member will normally visit your page, possibly leave a return message, and will more often than not also visit your blog.

It has to be said also that you can get loads of traffic just by having an interesting looking avatar. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so just by having a great looking avatar, maybe a beautiful picture, something funny, your company logo etc, you can inspire members to click to see your profile. This works for MyBlogLog members, as well as other non members to a particular blog that is displaying your avatar.

What I also like about MyBlogLog is the tracking available. You are able to add snippets of code to your blog which allow Mybloglog to track the statistics, so that from your profile page, you can see how many visitors your blog has got over the last few days, the traffic source of the visitors, what pages they visited on your blog, and what links they clicked. This information is only available to the profile owner, so members visiting your blog cant access your blog stats.

If you have a blog, do yourself a favour, and join Mybloglog, add the widgets, join some communites, and possible make some great business contacts. The social networking, and the great resources of blogs and communities alone are reason enough to become a member, and expand your blogging horizons.

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