Get a Yahoo Meme invitation

Yahoo launched Yahoo Meme not too long ago, which is its answer to twitter. Think of it as a mixture of twitter and tumblr, with a few extra features.

Users are able to search accounts and follow each other, as well as re-post other users content. You have the option to post text, images, video and audio for each post which is pretty awesome. I am not sure on the character limit for text posts, but its pretty big, not like twitter’s at all. [Read more…]

short url redirection

I have been needing to shorten my URL’s quite a bit lately, while at the same time keep track of how many clicks they get with some sort of statistics. I previously wrote a post about a website called (Hiding and tracking affiliate links), which has since stopped offering this very service, and think I need to just update you on what I am using now as my alternative. [Read more…]

Flock is the best web browser right now

I have been using flock for a little while now, and am pretty impressed to say the least. In fact, I urge you to give it a test run. Visit to download it for FREE right now!

Firefox is a browser that I really really like, its fast, easy to use and the amount of great extensions available is insane! The main reason I originally stopped using the very crappy Internet Explorer, is because of the way it rendered CSS in websites I was working on. Basically it did, and in some instances STILL displays the CSS incorrectly, making your well designed websites look crappy! This is NOT a problem with real browsers like Firefox and Flock.

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How to update multiple social networking profiles in one easy step

Hey guys,

I have discovered a great little site called, its really cool for updating many of your social networks with one posting!

Check out the website, it is still in Beta phase, if you need to sign in with a Beta code, you can use “landofping” as your code, which will allow you to complete the signup process. [Read more…]