Beware instant Google

I am sure you have had a million spam emails promising instant page 1 rankings on Google, they never seem to give up, and I am sure many people fall for these scam artists daily.

One interesting company I have encountered even calls you  by telephone to persuade you to take their Instant Google plan for a fixed monthly fee, which sounds amazing.  I had the displeasure of talking to one of their very pushy agents with a UK accent, who tried to strong arm me into taking their ‘plan’ (which sounded really dodgy), I decided to play along to find out how they operate…. [Read more…]

How to get a #googlewaveinvite

I was surprised to see so many blogs, websites and tweets about people desperately looking for Google wave invites. Getting a Google Wave account is almost starting to be some sort of status symbol for internet users. [Read more…]

backlink pagerank and analysis tools

Most SEO’s would agree that having loads of links pointing to your website is going to help with your rankings in search engine results. Loads of websites have link exchange pages with the sole purpose of building inbound links or what some call backlinks.

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Get a Yahoo Meme invitation

Yahoo launched Yahoo Meme not too long ago, which is its answer to twitter. Think of it as a mixture of twitter and tumblr, with a few extra features.

Users are able to search accounts and follow each other, as well as re-post other users content. You have the option to post text, images, video and audio for each post which is pretty awesome. I am not sure on the character limit for text posts, but its pretty big, not like twitter’s at all. [Read more…]

look out for 3 way link pirates

We all want inbound links to our websites, and many people have a links page, where you exchange links with other websites. I dont know about you, I have noticed more and more fraudsters taking a chance with 3 way link exchanges over the last few months. For those of you who manually manage your link exchanges you might find it hard to keep track of what sites you are linked on, and that is what these link pirates count on.

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facebook usernames for seo

Today (Starting at 12:01 a.m. EDT on Saturday, June 13) Facebook usernames became active. What this means, is that if you want to give out the address to your profile page to someone, you can now give them an easy to remember name, rather than the old profile ID.

You only get to choose your username once, and it cant be changed or transferred, so you MUST choose wisely. [Read more…]

short url redirection

I have been needing to shorten my URL’s quite a bit lately, while at the same time keep track of how many clicks they get with some sort of statistics. I previously wrote a post about a website called (Hiding and tracking affiliate links), which has since stopped offering this very service, and think I need to just update you on what I am using now as my alternative. [Read more…]

Google loves well designed web pages

I have recently come to the conclusion that Google really really likes well designed websites. We have a client at work who’s webiste we market online. Over the last couple of weeks we made a variety of changes to the website code. Our aim was to analyse the site, identify elements in the code that could be holding the site back in the search engine results, and rectify the problems. [Read more…]

Embedded match on Google Adwords

With your adwords campaign its possible to get excellent results when using proper keyword matching. Google offer the options of Broad Match, Phrase Match, Exact Match and Negative Match when setting up your key words and phrases for your online advertising campaign. By effectively using these features, its possible to create what is referred to as an Embedded Match.

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Google pagerank update at the end of 2008

It seems that Google has indeed increased the frequency in its PageRank updates. I have seen a definite change on sites that I am working with. Quite a few of the sites suddenly went up one point, and upon investigating a bit, (thanks Search Engine Journal) it seems I am not the only one. [Read more…]